Alles sal reg kom

  • Anne Born / illustration design / zwolle

“My first graduation project, ‘Alles sal reg kom’, is about the story of my family during WWII. My grandfather (Willem Born) and his family were part of the resistance. They had a hideout in the woods near Drie (Ermelo) where they conducted their work until they were betrayed and were caught on site by the Sicherheitsdienst. His brother was shot and killed; other members of his family were arrested and taken away, and the house was burned down. My grandfather put this story into writing and I really wanted to illustrate it so that we will never forget the terrible things people are capable of and how this can carry on to future generations. Imagery accompanies the text.


My second graduation project, ‘SK KS’ is a more light-hearted subject, something that happened to me (and other teenaged girls) in high school: falling in love with a teacher. I chose subtle situations from that time, which leave a lot to the imagination. By means of the composition and materials, I tried to make the images more exciting without explaining too much. For example, I wrote a story about the whole situation (using fictional characters), which is integrated as a collage. Individual texts are also included and compiled into a booklet.”


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