If I wish, I can think what I wish

  • Dagmar Heikens / illustration design / zwolle

“My dissertation, ‘If I wish, I can think what I wish’, is a search for my own freedom as an illustrator. I also researched the meaning of freedom in philosophy, art, and society. I noticed that I often suffer from various barriers, such as outside pressure, or demands imposed on me. It’s also a part of me, in some way. I am constantly in search of my own authenticity, because what makes my work my own? What does my art say about me, exactly?


My work distinguishes itself through frequent use of shapes, planes, and structures. Colour should be subtle; one highlight colour is often enough. I focus primarily on shapes in my graphic stories, in order to continuously create interesting compositions. Substantively, my work is about the contrast between the ‘real’ world and my own dream worlds.


I am currently working on drawings to accompany self-written pieces of text, focusing mostly on shape and ambience. The text is of lesser importance to me; the drawings have to tell the story. I eventually want to combine the drawings into a graphic story.”


The Art & Design Graduation Exhibition in Zwolle takes place from 1 to 12 July.


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