This magazine provides an impression of the graduation work of the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts’ Class of 2015: dancers, choreographers, visual artists, designers, musicians, musical therapists, art teachers, actors, and architects. Enjoy!


See also the research projects from graduates of the Honours Programme, an additional theory and research programme for a special selection of Bachelor’s students.


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  • Christian Benecke / Crossmedia Design / Enschede

A young Englishman, 2015

  • Sira Zika / Fine Art / Enschede

Netherpop with an international sound

  • Karel J. Schepers / Academy of Pop Music / enschede


  • Swana van der Helm / Fine Art / Enschede


  • Suzanne Haarhuis / Fine Art / Enschede

De essentie

  • Hanna Meyerholz / Popacademie / Enschede