The car of the future

  • Alexandre de Vos / Interior Design / Zwolle

“Cars as we know them today have remained essentially the same for more than a hundred years: we drive them in a seated position, use a steering wheel to change direction, and determine our speed using a gas pedal. In the future, our vehicular transport will become increasingly impersonal and the experience will diminish. I wish to change this.
In my car, people don’t sit; they lie down, high above the ground. They use their bodies to steer by leaning left or right—they accelerate by stretching out in a Superman position, and retract their limbs to slow down again. This is based on the dreams we have in which we can fly, floating above the landscape, a feeling of extreme freedom.
I started building a prototype right away. Through experimentation, modification, and creation, I hope to reveal the car of the future by late June: a car that makes us feel like we’re flying.”


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