The human dimension of nursing homes

  • Liz van den Berg / Interior Design / Zwolle

“Mr Kok is 94 years old. He has osteoarthritis and has lost virtually all power on his right side, while he still has limited use of his left hand. He can still light his own cigarettes and drink his coffee.


At an impressive 99 years, Mrs Nieuweling is still a lively woman. She’s not afraid of dying, but rather that caregivers will have to help her in her daily activities.


Mr Last passed away at the age of 82, a result of the Parkinson’s he was diagnosed with at 64.
In the nursing home, everyone lives in the same type of apartment, regardless of their age, condition, or fitness level. Care is being standardised to an increasing degree, and is becoming more impersonal as a result. My job is to create a personal design on the basis of each of the above stories.”


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