• Sophie de Haan / graphic design / Zwolle

“DE_PLASTIC / RE_PLASTIC is a platform that, like its name, consists of two parts. The name should be pronounced in English. The underscore is a space for parts of words that begin with the prefixes ‘de’ and ‘re’, for example, ‘DECREASE PLASTIC’ and ‘RECYCLE PLASTIC’.


Using visual information, DE_PLASTIC informs the user on the impact of the ‘plastic soup’. It also offers tips on reducing plastic use or finding a better alternative for the material. The handmade products exhibited through RE_PLASTIC inspire the user to recycle plastic and plastic waste.


DE_PLASTIC / RE_PLASTIC’s target audience is children from 10 to 14 years old. By offering environmental education in the form of an app, children are able to discover for themselves why it is important to learn about the ‘plastic soup’ and how they can take action to use plastic responsibly.”


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