Digital Skin

  • Stephanie Saris / Product Design / Arnhem

“I started printing on textiles during a workshop. I further developed this idea for my graduation project, Digital Skin. The 3D printer is used as a pattern maker for the shoe. Synthetic, transparent, and elastic materials serve as my printing surface. Synthetic, because the plastic needs to fuse with the textile; transparent, in order to play with layering; and elastic, so that it wraps around your foot like a second skin. I try to exhibit the ‘3D textile’ in as many different ways as possible. I will, for example make it mostly functional in one shoe, replacing the hardened nose and heel, while making it mostly aesthetic in another, changing the organic shape of the last and the foot into something more angular. It also serves as a structure that drapes around the foot like a new, digital skin.”



The Art & Design Graduation Exhibition in Arnhem city centre takes place from 1 to 5 July.