Fashion show

Twenty one students of the bachelor of Fashion Design showed their graduation collection on the catwalk in the monumental Provinciehuis in Arnhem, Netherlands.


The nominees of the Frans Molenaar Couture Award 2015 are all from ArtEZ this year. Lilian Admiraal, Josephine Goverts, Maartje Janse, Max Zara Sterck en Tung Trinh are the nominees of the bachelor of Fashion Design and Sunanda Koning plus Simeon Morris graduated from the master Fashion Design.


Diane Pernet ( reviewed the show: “Arnhem’s Institute of The Arts, ArtEZ Fashion Design Dept., sent their specimens to out to show their newest work – and it hardly looked like the work of bachelors! The meticulous and polished production, combined with the stunning venue (the national heritage site Province House Arnhem) resulted in an experience, which belonged more to an international agenda than a regional gathering.”


photo’s show: Peter Stigter


foto 1: Yvette Peek

foto 2: Isabelle Tellie

foto 3: Joanne Vosloo

foto 4: Josephine Dulmers

foto 5: Josephine Goverts

foto 6: Katharine Dubbick

foto 7: Kristan Kuijf

foto 8: Lilian Admiraal

foto 9: Tung Trinh

foto 10: Zena Ankersmith