• Matthew van Ede van der Pals / Graphic Design / Zwolle

“My younger brother was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in 2013. This inspired me as a designer to do something meaningful for young people with this disease. I researched how information on leukaemia is communicated and found that it is either too mature or too childish.


To support the patient, I developed ‘Goos’, an information package. ‘Goos’ means friend, and serves as a companion during the period of treatment. It consists of a folder, brochures, protocols, and reference cards. Step by step, the brochures and protocols explain the disease and what patients can expect to encounter. This is done using text and visual aids. The reference cards explain the steps that will be taken during chemotherapy. The idea is to give patients and parents a better grasp of the situation and reduce uncertainties.”


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