• Yvette Peek / Fashion Design / Arnhem

‘My collection is based on “The Insomnia Drawings” by Louise Bourgeois. She created drawings while in a dreamy consciousness between sleeping and waking, with influences of surrealist visual phenomena. My collection represents the brain in a state of insomnia. It starts with the mathematical brain, which slowly starts to falter, and this is why elements in the clothing are missing and ratios shift.

The collection with surrealist influences ends in a transition zone between sleeping and waking. Through a graphic print consisting of seven layers of hand-dyed fabric, combined with transparent caps, a mysterious depth is created, causing a surrealist effect. It is a very artisanal and laborious collection. The fabrics have been painted on by hand or embroidered. Layering and depth play an important role, creating a special effect from every perspective.’


The ArtEZ Fashion Show, in which Fashion Design graduation candidates (Bachelor’s and Master’s) showcase their graduation collections, will be held on 5 June in Arnhem. The show marks the start of the Arnhem Fashion Festival. Reserve your tickets in time. For more information, visit


Photo 1: Fashion show. Photo: Peter Stigter

Photo 2: Graduation collection. Photos: Peter Stigter

From photo 3:  items from the Toile de Luxe collection, a collection of luxury samples that Yvette made earlier this year. Photos: Ester Grass Vergara.