• Karin van Middendorp / graphic design / Zwolle

“Being at ArtEZ expanded my world. I learned to view the world and all it has to offer through different eyes. The graphic design profession grew bigger, broader, and more beautiful to me. Kilometres. Because graphic designs are not limited to the business world, they can be found everywhere around us.


To me, graphic design is problem solving, reducing irritations, and clarifying a story. Graphic design is storytelling. Great stories that make people and the world a bit more aware of things that are going on. Looking at daily situations in a different light. Within every assignment lies the challenge to capture the essence and give it a personal touch. Social responsibility, a clear story and a search for visual innovation are important aspects here. I’m not satisfied until the content, concept, and design come together as a whole.”


The Art & Design Graduation Exhibition in Zwolle takes place from 1 to 12 July.


Attend the Zwolle ArtEZ Finals Festival and discover the city’s talents. Music, design, interior design, and art education in Zwolle city centre from 22 June to 12 July.