Life amidst snow, polar bears, seals, and Inuit

  • Ilse Moelands / illustration design / zwolle

“I visited Upernavik, in Greenland, for a month in January 2015. I worked and lived amidst the snow, polar bears, seals, and Inuit. I am fascinated by the extreme conditions in which these people live. The hard, isolated existence and the respectful way these people treat nature provide the basis for the graphic story I’ve created for my graduation.
I would describe myself as a documentary illustrator. People, and the environment in which they and I live, fascinate me.
I am also working on a book with stories by Julia Dobber. These stories are about people who have something happen to them, but you don’t know exactly what. I’m making linocuts of the people who appear in the stories. I like to start with a portrait, so that the character really comes to life. I then create other images that together tell a story.”


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