• Annely Noeverman / Theatre in Education / Zwolle

‘The performance Mongonologen by Theater Klare Taal is played by a group of Arnhem residents with a “mental disability”, although “disability” is too much of a generalisation to describe this diverse group. Klare Taal rehearsals take place in the Huis van Puck in Arnhem, where the actors are trained in dance, music, and theatre by various interns from different ArtEZ disciplines. The performance Mongonologen is all about strength. Does a disability make someone different? How do you view this individual? How does he or she want to be viewed? What do the players want to share and in what do they excel? This production caters to the strengths of this group of actors: imagination, honesty, and humour!’


The try-out version of this performance can be seen during the ArtEZ Zwolle Finals Week (26 to 29 May 2015) and will premiere on the evening of Friday 12 June* in Huis van Puck in Arnhem. An additional two performances will take place on Saturday 13 June. (*Dates subject to change).