My Atomic Body

  • Vivian Hartung / product design / arnhem

“Algae purifies waste flow and absorbs radioactive particles. ‘My Atomic Body’ is about using algae as a protection mechanism against radiation. How can we apply these multifunctional organisms—which are also known as ‘green gold’ and are much older than humanity itself—to products and processes?


Algae are important organisms at the beginning of every food chain. They are said to be highly versatile, though many of their applications have not yet been researched.


In the course of my internship, I learned that scientists and designers can inspire each other. To design from research you have to be able to ask a lot of questions. The resulting products are a backdrop for telling a story and allowing people to fantasise about possible worlds.


I am not a biologist, mathematician, or physicist. Although I would love to be all of these things, the designs give me an opportunity to acquire knowledge in all these areas. Research-based design allows me to discover and question the world, and to share my findings with those around me.”



The Art & Design Graduation Exhibition in Arnhem city centre takes place from 1 to 5 July.