Underappreciated objects

  • Joanne Vosloo / fashion design / arnhem

‘I am often looking for underappreciated objects that can serve as inspiration. I transform these into an aesthetic product that can be used in clothing. It’s fascinating how easily you can turn an object into a product of greater value. The effect that occurs when you take something out of its context really moves me. This is found throughout my collection, as I use a series of objects that have a sentimental association with my past, an association I keep to myself. The person who wears the product and is unaware of this association, views it as something abstract and may interpret it in a wholly different way. This gives it even more value, as it’s still functional. You can use it as you please and can also get rid of it.
If people were deprived of beauty and everyone wore the same thing, the world would be a boring place. Taking something and adding sentimental or aesthetic value to it offers room for individuality in a complex and chaotic world.’

Photo 1 and 2: Peter Stigter

From photo 3: Toile de Luxe collection. Photos: Anna Laederach