Research improves the quality of life

  • Meindert Mak / Master of Classical Music / Zwolle

‘I study classical guitar in the Master of Classical Music programme at ArtEZ. This Master’s focuses on research into giving guitar classes to people with a visual impairment. In the first year of this pilot Master’s, I took the OPMD/T minor at the ArtEZ Music Therapy department in Enschede and received guitar lessons from Ulrich Steier. I did an internship at the Visio school in Huizen, where I assisted in music classes for children with a visual impairment. I completed this minor with a thesis on the psychosocial development of visually-impaired children. As part of my research, I interviewed professionals and amateurs in music who have a visual impairment. I am also participating in an experiment by Connect2Music, in which sheet music is presented in modified reading formats. In addition, I take chamber music classes with Izhar Elias and play in various chamber music ensembles. With the ensemble “The Third Eye”, I play the production “A Concert in the Dark”, in which hearing, rather than seeing, is key. It was especially designed for the ArtSeedZ festival in Zwolle. I hope that in my future career I can find a healthy balance between teaching—with a specialisation in teaching people with a visual impairment—and playing chamber music. Coaching ensembles would also be fun. “Development improves the quality of life”, someone once told me. This is now my life motto.’

Finals concerts take place from 22 June to 8 July.


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