• School of Acting graduation performance / Arnhem

The new crop of actors of the ArtEZ School of Acting performed Rhinoceros, a play in which a single idea spreads like a festering infection across all of humankind. In this socially-engaged and universal work by Eugène Ionesco (written in 1959) the banal is quick to engage in an audacious courtship with the absurd.


In a small, peaceful French village, the inhabitants suddenly start to change into rhinoceroses. First an isolated case, followed by a docile friend, until finally everyone joins. More and more, the villagers overcome their aversion and willingly change into these snorting pachyderms, until there is only one person left: Bérenger. Of all people, Bérenger—a man criticised for his chaotic life—remains resistant.


Director Marc Wortel graduated from the ArtEZ School of Acting in Arnhem, after which he studied at the Hochschule für Schauspielkunst -Ernst Busch- in Berlin. Marc works as a writer and director in the Netherlands and Germany.


Cast: Rozanne de Bont, Ruta van Hoof, Laurens van Lottum, Anne-Chris Schulting, Fleur Voorn, Linda Zijl en Elène Zuidmeer


Directed by: Marc Wortel


Ruta van Hoof and Linda Zijl have recieved the ITS actors award for their role in Rinoceros.


From photo 2: photographer Suzanne Ophof