• Franciska Slaager / product design / Arnhem

“We think in terms of schedules and efficiency from dawn till dusk because time is under pressure and, by extension, so are we. Many of us will agree that we have become stress hunters. The Rustjagers (peace hunters) collection creates new definitions of peace and tranquillity with a poetic perspective. Each Rustjager temporarily fixates your thoughts on the object and the transformation that takes place. A transformation which diminishes stress, instils amazement, and briefly freezes time.


The turbine is part of the Rustjagers collection and is powered by air circulation. You cannot see air, but you can experience and feel it. To me, air is a metaphor for the stressful thoughts hidden in our minds. Through a simple action, I use airflow to create amazement.”


The Art & Design Graduation Exhibition in Arnhem city centre takes place from 1 to 5 July.