Hidden images

  • Maike Peters / Fine Art and Design in Education / Arnhem

“When I got my first camera, I marvelled at its endless possibilities. I could turn a macro shot of my jeans into a landscape or transform a raindrop into a large lake.


For the initial part of my graduation project, I am busy photographing my eaves. The seemingly uninteresting and rusty eaves can yield surprising images and their rusty surface gives the photos a layered structure. Using my camera, I can create almost industrial-like buildings and landscapes. Aesthetic images of an everyday and under-appreciated object.


For the second part, I capture memories in photographic collages. Your memory stores more than what you see, such as what you feel, smell, or any associations you may have. Using light, transparency and the structure of different kinds of paper, I try to merge all these associations in an image of a memory.”


The graduation exhibition of the Art and Design programme takes place from 1 to 5 July in the Arnhem city centre.