X and/or Y

  • Bart Merks and Yuliya Globa / Dance in Education / Arnhem

‘For our graduation project, we researched fashion and gender in dance. This resulted in a presentation of our new collective, “by BY”. This not only encapsulates our names, Bart and Yuliya, but also two completely different personalities that strengthen one another. On top of this, we also cooperate with fifteen dancers, two choreographers, a graphic designer, four fashion designers, and two musicians. Using gender and fashion-inspired visualisations based on her own graduation work in Graphic Design, Lisa Boer creates a visual image surrounding and within the dance performance, by means of.


The questions that were raised in the dance performance are: Who am I? How does the world perceive me? How masculine, feminine, or gender-neutral can a dancer be, and what influence does group dynamics have on this? How does this relate to how we dress our bodies? Does a costume add something to the body or does the body add something to the costume?’



In the interactive Dance in Education Event, students show the versatility of the dance teacher profession, through workshops, teaching methods, research, choreographies, dance performances and more.

24 – 27 June in the ArtEZ Theatrium in Arnhem.