Seeing, not seeing and disappearing

  • Gemma Meulendijks / illustration design / Zwolle

“I often drift into a daydream, and see everything in a different light. I see the beauty hidden in reality. When reality knocks on my door again, I wake up and continue with what I was doing.


Clarity is often found in extremes; something is black or white. This gives us footing. There is always a grey area, however, and this can be frightening, liberating, exciting, or fun. Things become interesting when you don’t know everything. Is it reality you are looking at, or a composite? Can you still see anything at all?


An illusion arises within the borders of a photograph, derived from what we consider real. Spatiality changes, or an entirely different picture is created. The illusion takes place in the mind and can be made real by the image. The border disappears, and a new reality arises by accepting and reshaping the grey area. What do you think you see and what do you really see?”



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